Galloper internship - week 4

I’ve come to the end of my fourth and final week of my internship and I’ve really enjoyed my time working with innogy on the Galloper project. This week I learnt how to write a competitor analysis report. Also, the leaflet I created aimed at KS2 students, teaching them about Galloper and the offshore wind industry, went to a designer to be formatted so it’s ready to be printed! 

This internship will really help set me aside from the crowd when it comes to applying for university and even with future employers. Since not only have I learnt a lot about offshore wind and all that goes with it, but I’ve also been able to appreciate all the other aspects that are involved in making a project on this scale a success. Also, that good communication skills are keys to any work environment especially if you want to work in an industry which requires vast amounts of teamwork.

I am also very lucky to be going to the EEEGR awards in September as innogy have kindly offered me a place at their table, This year the EEEGR Awards will showcase the quality, diversity, innovation and flexibility of companies in the energy mix, highlighting the importance of the East of England energy sector to the UK.

I’m extremely grateful to everyone from both innogy and TMS media who have supported me throughout my internship and hope to work with you again in the future!
- Evie 
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