The Galloper Project

I’ve almost finished my first week of my east coast internship for Innogy, hosted by TMS media. So far, I’ve started by picking the work streams that most interests me. I decided I’d like to focus mainly on educating KS2 and KS3 students on the Galloper project. The Galloper project is a new wind farm being constructed 27km off of the Norfolk coastline, it consists of 56 wind turbines, 10 have been erected and the 11th one is now under way, the construction is set to be completed by March 2018. I’m currently developing ideas of how to engage the students and deciding what would be the best way to involve them in Galloper. Right now, I am thinking of a type of game that could be created that would teach them in an enjoyable way, we also want to help inspire children of all ages to peruse careers in STEMM.

Not only do I get the opportunity to get involved in these work streams but also, I’m getting the chance to travel around the local area, meeting other people involved in the oil & gas and renewable industry. I’ve already been to the Galloper base in Lowestoft and met Andy Mee who is in charge of operations, and was told I may get the chance to go onto one of their vessels, also possibly get to spend a few days in the main Galloper offices, learning in more detail the extent of the work involved in constructing and maintaining Galloper.

The organiser of the east coast internships John Best has also visited and I met Lucas who is doing his internship with Greater Gabbard and his internship is more economical based and he is finding out how Galloper will affect local businesses, and I had my second photo shoot already!

- Evie
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